All designed, produced and tested according original equipment manufacturer standards


Our Parts delivered to ALL EUROPE within 5 days.

Over 10.000 references, available for Passengers Cars, all made in OCAP

Premium Quality LCV applications

Premium Quality Truck and Buses applications

Premium Quality Tractor and Hearth Moving machine applications

Car Steering and Suspension


Car Engine Mount


Truck Steering and Suspension


Bus Steering and Suspension


A complete range

With more than 40 years of experience in the design and production of steering and suspension parts, Ocap is the perfect partner for those looking for quality products for a vast range of applications.

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From Italy to the world

The logistic centre located in Oglianico (TO) has a strategic position that allows an easy access to the main communication routes with Europe and the rest of the world, by land and by sea, thus granting a capillary distribution.

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Focus Quality

Nothing is more important than our customer’s safety. This is why quality is the main focus of OCAP.

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